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Animals like wolves and hyenas often hunt in groups. Their cooperation in hunting is often evident also in their social behaviour. That makes the communication of these cooperating predators particularly interesting.

Cooperative predators
What do we do?

The scientists and professionals involved in our consortium investigate the vocal, social, and predatory behaviour of these species, using recordings, playbacks, mathematical algorithms, and other techniques.

We are a group of interdisciplinary, collaborative researchers and professionals, focused on achieving a fundamental understanding of the vocal communication between animals that cooperate to hunt. We use the unique nature of the cooperative interactions between predators to understand the evolution of communication, social behaviour, and animal cognition. Our approach addresses practical problems such as population assessment, conservation and sustainability, and the mitigation of wildlife-human conflict. Through venues such as webinars, biannual meetings, information sharing, and working groups, we enhance the efficiency and productivity of scientific exploration into communicative, collective goal based activity in animals.

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